Let’s fish Kinme off the coast of Niijima and Toshima! (Banjo the 8th Takamiyamaru)

Throughout a year
1 people 18,000yen~

Outline of the program

Banjo Takamiyamaru sticks to Kinme fishing. The main fishing area is off Niijima. There is so called "Himodori Kinme" that is a delicious fat Kinme, far superior to others.
Departure, 4:30am - Returning to port, 1:00pm (depending on the season)

Program schedule

Leaving port : 4: 30am - Returning port:1: 00pm
Gather at waiting room of Banjo Takamiyamaru 30 minutes before boarding. You can arrive early and have a nap.
Major fishing spots : Around Niijima and Toshima.
We use special fishing rigs with many hooks in the fishing line, for Kinme fishing . Even if you are a beginner, the captain and regular customers will help you.
(Movie on the website show you how to fish in detail.)

Availability of English guides on the day of the activity

Japanese and simple English only

Detail of the program

Venue ⁄ location Izu Islands
Available period Throughout a year
Available period
Hours of registration 4:00am - 1:00pm
Length of the program 7 hours(fishing time)
Reservation Required
Toilet Yes
Kiosk No
Necessity of bringing something to eat Yes / be sure to bring it
Place to eat Cabin

Required items to bring

Rain gear, clothes to change, towel, boots, rubber gloves. Foods and drinks. Measures against cold weather and heat stroke in summer. Cooler box.

Precautions ⁄ remarks

We also have the following sets for beginners. Fishing Rig and Boarding Set .... You do not have to worry because one-day rig is installed already. All Rental Boarding Set .... Electric Reel, Rod, Rod Holder, fishing rig etc. are all included.

Details of the fee

Off Niijima and Toshima Kinme fishing fee:18,000yen (tax excluded) / Kinme fishing with rig: 25,500 yen (tax excluded) / Kinme fishing with all rental : 28,000 yen (tax excluded) Please ask about fishing fish other than Kinme.
Remarks concerning the fee
Payment method In cash after returning to the port.
Cancellation fee Non-participation without notice : 100%
Reservations accepted from Throughout a year
Reservations accepted until Previous day, 8:00pm
Maximum number of people accepted through the reservation 1~8 people

Meeting place ⁄ map

Meeting place (name) ⁄ meeting time

Waiting room of Banjo Takamiyamaru at Suzaki port

Meeting place (address ⁄ access)

13 minutes bus ride from Izukyu Shimoda station for Suzaki ・ Tsumeki. Get off at "Suzaki Kaigan" then 1 minute walk.

Reservation ⁄ inquiry

English service for making reservations and inquiries No support in English. Please contact to "Seamon" by phone or email.
Name Bansho Takamiyamaru
Address 491 Suzaki Shimoda
TEL ⁄ FAX Tel.0558-22-0725 
When you make a reservation or inquiry on the phone or via FAX, tell the instructor that you saw the Sea-mon website.
Business hours 8:00am - 8:00pm
Closed Irregular
Website http://www.banjyotakamiya.com/

Guide to Shimoda

We can answer your inquiries and provide extra information.

Mr. Tanaka
Ms. Aoki


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